The community of Prayer and Evangelization Hijos de María Santísima (COEHMS) arrived to Minnesota in 2011.

The community of Prayer and Evangelization Hijos de María Santísima (COEHMS) was founded by Rev. Father Dario Bencosme with a group of lay people in the Dominican Republic in 1994.

COEHMS began its presence in Minnesota in 2011 after a Life in the Spirit retreat, that was given by the evangelizing team of the COEHMS. The people who attended and were deepely touched by the presence of God, and attracted by the spirituality of the community requested to be part of this community.

This group of people, decided to join the community, and began to meet weekly to pray and receive formation through the  prayer assemblies transmitted online by Rev. Father Darío Bencosme. After sometime of meeting weekly, this group of people became part of the core team of COEHMS  in Minnesota.

Following the spirituality of the COEHMS, the core team began conducting a prayer assemblies open to the public. The Holy Spirit began to use these prayer meetings to begin a process of conversion and search for holiness in many people.

Today we have several communities of prayer in different parishes of the Archdiocese of Saint Paul and Minneapolis.

Apart from our prayer assemblies, each year we give retreats, put on vigils and other activities that seek to attract people to the Catholic Church through the Immaculate Heart of Mary.

Our Mission

The mission of COEHMS is to collaborate with the Church, from the Church, to create all the conditions for people to have a personal encounter with God through an integral process of evangelization as proposed by Pope Paul VI in the Evangelii Nuntiandii (Kerigma- Catechesis-liturgy).